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  • The Rayco super tooth incorporates a mounting block, neck and strike point into one massive cutting tool that is constructed of high alloy tool steel.
  • The Super Tooth's low profile design provides extra clearance for the mounting block to pass through the stump without obstructing its strike point or dragging against the stump.
  • The Super Tooth has four-times the mounting surface contacting the cutter wheel than do other tool designs. The increases support area eliminates gouged cutter wheels and elongated bolt holes.
Rayco Super Teeth
RM2933C - Angled C-Bored Tooth
RM2933T - Angled Threaded Tooth
RM3144C - Straight C-Bored Tooth
RM3144T - Straight Threaded Tooth
Stocked Item


**The length of the bolt is determined by measuring below the head of the bolt to the end of the threads.**

RM8009 - 1 3/4" Long
Stocked Item

RM718013 - 2" Long
Stocked Item

RM8010 - 2 1/8" Long
Stocked Item

RM750792 - 2 1/4" Long
Stocked Item

RM718014 - 2 3/4" Long
Stocked Item

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