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Climbing Pads
The Big Buck Wrap Pad (Spikes not included) has increased surface area to distribute pressure. Cinch loop to provide an extra tight fit and rolled edge to prevent chafing.

Climbing Pads
All Leather Climber Pad with 3/4" Padding with 3 Loops and a Tunnel Design to Keep Climber Stationary.
Fits Buckingham and Bashlin

Climbing Pads
A comfortable "L" pad that features a closed cell foam filler that prevents the climber shank from irritating the user's leg. The rolled edges prevent chafing to the calf muscle. Requires a 26" strap.

Climbing Pads
A climber pad that features a 8" wide pad that secures the climber to the leg with dual straps and a thick felt filler prevents irritation from the climber shank. Features a tunnel design to keep climber shank rigid and dual strap design provides superior support. Made of heavy leather construction and requires two 26" straps.

Climbing Pads
Velco Climber Pads with 4" Width and Cinch Loop. 3/4" Padding With Maximum Adjustability.
Fits Buckingham, Bashlin and Klein

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